Inspiring Artist: Adam Tenenbaum

Once in awhile I will come across an artists that I am truly inspired by. I was first introduced to this artist by Ava from Temptu during a recent shopping trip. We decided to set up a impromptu beauty shoot at the loft space on a rainy afternoon. I did natural and fashion makeup on the models and Adam did his amazing body and face paintings after. I was in awe of his kit and the tools that he uses to create his unique looks. Some of the things he uses to create his looks were just basic household items. We discussed how to airbrush lace and I was quick to learn that I had been doing it all wrong. Adam was kind enough to give me some tips for my next venture into body painting. To watch Adam work is a experience I will never forget. He is truly a master at what he does. You can check out Adams work at, I hope you will be as inspired as I was.

These are just a few of my favorite images of Adam’s work.

One Response to Inspiring Artist: Adam Tenenbaum

  1. Airica says:

    Very inspiring. The airbrush is amazing!

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