Integrity Skin Facial Spa


I first met Tussanee from Integrity Skin on a photo shoot that we were doing for her Eye Lash Extensions and she has been tending to my facial needs ever since. I have had tons of facials from all the trendy  Hollywood type spas and have to say that I have never had  a better facial until I met Tussanee. 

Her attention to detail and giving her clients the best job is unsurpassed. I love to refer my clients to Tussanee before big photo shoots or events. She offers custom facials for different types of skin and also offers additional resurfacing options like Glycolic or Pumpkin Peels and even Microdermabrasion. Your skin really does get “That Glow” when she is done with you. 

In addition to facials, Tussanee also offers Eye Lash Extensions, Lash Tinting and Eye Brow Waxing. Her eye lash extensions are perfectly placed and do not stick together or look matted. They also do not pull out your own lashes, which is sometimes typical with other less experienced applicators. They really do last 4-6 weeks and look gorgeous. 

Check out her site at and call and make a appointment, Your skin will thank you.

Tussanee at Integrity Skin (626) 437-4000


2 Responses to Integrity Skin Facial Spa

  1. Airica says:

    Beautiful make-up, and sexy eye lash extensions!

  2. Carol says:

    Making yourself look good to others also makes yourself feel good deep inside. Love and pamper yourself as often.

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