Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

Once in awhile, I come across a really amazing product. Last year at the makeup trade show, I was introduced to a line called Koh Gen Do Cosmetics. I tested out the product on the back of my hand and it was nice. I use a lot of different products and sometimes do not get to use them as often as I would like to. While cleaning out my makeup bags, I found the Koh Gen Do foundations and thought I would try them on one of my clients. Nicole has excellent skin and only needs a touch of base to even out her complexion. I was blown away by how these foundations laid perfectly onto the skin.

Koh Gen Do was created for High Definition cameras and is invisible to the naked eye. Moisture foundation comes in 12 shades and is also paraben free. Along with the Moisture foundation, I also love the makeup bases and setting powder. Check back soon for reviews on other Koh Gen Do Cosmetics.

Koh Gen Do is available at Frends and Nigels in Los Angeles or online at www.kohgendocosmetics.com

Koh Gen Do will also be available at Barney’s New York in the fall.

4 Responses to Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

  1. Airica says:

    Their powders are amazing too!!!

  2. anthonymerante says:

    Yes they are, I am pretty much in love with anything this line has come out with.

  3. cathi richel says:

    I love this foundation! Too bad it is not available in Canada and no delivery to Canada, so I can’t even order it online. I got this foundation when I was in LA this past Nov. Don’t know what to do when I run out!

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