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I have added a new subscribe feature to my beauty blog. In the space at the top right corner, type in your email to be notified the minute I update the blog. WordPress sends you a confirmation email, be sure to check your spam folder as some have complained they never got a confirmation.  Click on the link and you are confirmed.

If you are already a subscriber, THANK YOU!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

7 Responses to Subscribe to my blog!

  1. tokyphotography says:

    Neat to see you blogging often again. Keep it up!

    • anthonymerante says:

      Thanks Toky, I have been updating 3 times a day for the last few days and taking the weekends off. I plan on posting a ton all next week. I have seen a huge jump in my hits in the last week due to my constant updating. Hopefully you enjoy my blabbering about makeup. LOL

      How are things with you?

  2. Nicole Romanelli says:

    I love this blog so much, I just cant get enough beauty!

  3. Marcia says:

    Thanks for keeping us chics up to speed on all the beauty products and tricks of the trade. I love your blog and find it ultra informative. Any tips for the brown skin this summer?? How can I achieve a summer glow w/out looking Snookified??

  4. anthonymerante says:

    Funny you should ask about brown skin. I have actually already written a fun little post about the sun and dark skin. Look for it sometime this week!

    I have just been introduced to a new type of oil and I think you will become an instant fan.


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