Red Carpet Kolour from Joanna Schlip

Have you ever used a body makeup on your legs and arms only to have it run all over your favorite dress or gown? Legendary Makeup Artist Joanna Schlip has created the most amazing body makeup I have ever seen. It is called Red Carpet Kolour, it has been used on top celebs like Molly Sims, Ellen Pompeo, Jessica Simpson, Christina Applegate, Audrina Patridge, Denise Richards and MANY MORE!

Red Carpet Kolour dries quickly and will not transfer onto your gorgeous gown or wedding dress. Most body makeups that I use rub off onto clothing and stain making them pretty much useless.

Red Carpet Kolour comes in 2 shades, was released on March 5th and is available on

Check out for Before & After Images, FAQ’s and Where to buy!

3 Responses to Red Carpet Kolour from Joanna Schlip

  1. Nicole Romanelli says:

    This is a must for me. QVC here I come!

  2. Airica says:

    Yes, because no one wants to spend 2 years paying off someone else’s couch!

  3. anthonymerante says:

    Oh no YOU didn’t! LOL

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