Mother’s Day: Gift’s of Beauty!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and what better gift to give than a gift of beauty? I love to pamper my mom on Mother’s Day with something she wouldn’t normally do for her self like a facial, massage or day of beauty at the spa with you! I love to give beauty items as gifts like, a favorite perfume, lip stick or be creative and make a basket of items your mother already likes or things you think she might like. If you are in the LA area, check out Tussanee at Integrity Skin in Pasadena. She is an amazing facialist and caters to your skins individual needs. Burke Williams is also a great spot for a day of beauty including, facials, spas, wraps and massages and they have locations all over California. This Mother’s Day, make it special and unique by doing something other than the expected flowers and brunch. I would share with you what we are doing for my mother on her special day, but she reads this blog and I do not want to spoil any details… LOL

If you are not in the LA Area, check out City Search and try a new spa. They have great customer reviews and ratings helping you narrow your decision. Happy Mother’s Day!

5 Responses to Mother’s Day: Gift’s of Beauty!

  1. Marcia says:

    Sounds pretty sensual!

  2. Shari says:

    Nice Blog cuz!! Your work is amazing Too!!!!!!

    • anthonymerante says:

      Thank you Shari, I am trying to keep it up, but been so busy lately, had no time. Look for a post Thursday or Friday.

      Love you!

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