Junior Vasquez Nervous Breakdown Vol.2 Demented Review

Happy Birthday Junior Vasquez!

I have been a Junior Vasquez fan since I was 15 yo. I even cried my self to sleep one night cause I wasn’t old enough to get into the Arena in Hollywood to hear him play. Needless to say, I LOVE Junior Vasquez. Junior is celebrating his 61st birthday today and having a huge celebration at club LOVE in NYC on August 29th.

Junior dropped his much anticipated follow up to 2001’s Nervous Breakdown with Nervous Breakdown Vol. 2 Demented last week and has been playing on repeat ever since. I never really know what to expect with these compilations as they all are a little different and not exactly what you hear in the clubs. But I am really liking this compilation and think it is one of Juniors best works.

The mix really finds its groove at track 4 through 16 and finishes with some soulful classics and Kim English’s latest hit Super Natural.  All in all, I definitely recommend this album for any house junkie like me.

Check out Junior’s Nervous Breakdown, Vol. 2: Demented @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/juniors-nervous-breakdown/id385632421 #iTunes

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