MAC Chromagraphic Pencils

MAC Cosmetics has always been a very big inspiration to me and my career. I used to go to the MAC store on Robertson in West Hollywood weekly to try all the latest colors and textures. Even before I ever became a makeup artist, I was always interested in cosmetics. I was so intrigued by these huge displays of creamy lip sticks, eye shadows and eye/lip pencils in every shade and texture. I studied these lipsticks and blushes so much that I started to see the subtle differences between MAC’s Russian Red & Ruby Woo lip sticks and why I needed to have BOTH of them. I am sure my obsession to cosmetics started at this very store.

Earlier this summer, MAC PRO launched the Chromagraphic pencils and at first I didn’t really think it was a product I needed in my kit till I tried the shade NC15/NW20. I fell in love with this pencil the first time I used it on set. This pencil is so much more than just another pencil. This multi-use pencil can be used as an eye liner, lip liner, eye brightener, spot concealer or you can draw free hand designs with it. The NC15/NW20 and Nw25/NC30 pencil shades, I like to use in the water line of the eye to minimize redness and make the eyes appear larger. I have used the Primary Yellow and Basic Red liner to line lips for a beauty shoots and plan on using all the other shades in the very near future.

Next time you are in a MAC PRO store, make sure to check out this great new pencils.

Anthony Merante

One Response to MAC Chromagraphic Pencils

  1. Sandra says:

    yes!!!! I absolutely love these! I have been using them as a brow highlight. I love the idea of drawing free hand designs. I am going to take a note of that!

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