Paul Mitchell Advertisement + How to get the look!

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Check out this cool ad that is running in Italy right now. I shot this image sometime last summer with photographer Bonnie Holland. I am not certain what they are advertising but think it has something to do with a towel for the hair, but I could be wrong.

To get the look, prep and prime the skin with Dermalogica Active Moist. I lightly airbrushed the face with Temptu Pro S/B Foundation in shade 4 & 5. I contoured the cheek with S/B Foundation in shade 5 with a drop of dark brown. I then highlighted the cheekbones, bridge of nose and forehead with Champagne Shimmer. The brows were brushed with some hair spray and then filled in with a dark brow powder. Eyes were glossed with MAC Gloss in Violet and the lips were kept nude with the same gloss. Apply two coats of black mascara to curled lashes. The body was highlighted with a light spray of the Temptu S/B Champagne Shimmer.

2 Responses to Paul Mitchell Advertisement + How to get the look!

  1. Sandra says:

    I love how natural the eyebrows look. It find it so difficult to make brows look natural. What brush did you use or what technique did you use to apply the brow powder? hairspray on the brows? I never thought of that! I’ve only used gels and sometimes they don’t work as great as they should. When I shade them in sometimes they look a little too drawn on. I am guilty of carving them out sometimes also. The skin… Magical. Its perfect.

    • Anthony Merante says:

      Hey Sandra, I use a small brow brush from Monda Studio, but also use one from MAC. I am not sure of the number though. When I do brows, I dont like the drawn on look. I either use a brow pencil from Kevyn Aucoin or I use a brow powder. I first dip my angle brush in water and then dip in a dark brow powder. I start at the center arch of the brows and apply the color lightly to the outer ends. I then look at the face and see what else they need if any. Then I take a clean mascara wand and spray with hair spray, I brush the brows up in an upwards motion and then brush the top of the brow down.

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