Glamcor Lighting System

Last February I was at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles and I came across a genius product. It was the Glamcor lighting system!

I had recently glammed an actress for a red carpet event and we were in a hotel room with very little lighting. I was practically doing makeup by candlelight. I had looked into buying a lighting kit and found that everything offered was either too big or too expensive. It was perfect timing when I saw the Glamcor Lighting system at The Makeup Show.

The Glamcor lighting system is lightweight, portable and specifically designed for makeup application. The LED bulbs do not get hot and can be packed away immediately after use. The bulbs are also color balanced  and perfect for makeup application. The lighting kit also comes with an attractive carrying case for easy storage.

If you are in New York this weekend, then hit up the Make Up Show and pick up a lighting kit! Glamcor also offers many other great products like makeup brushes, bags and mobile studios.


2 Responses to Glamcor Lighting System

  1. This light is a life saver!

  2. Anthony Merante says:

    Yes, we never want to be caught with out it ever again!

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