Martini & Rossi Advertising

I just got some images from an ad I did last year for Martini & Rossi. The images were shot by Giuliano Bekor and were shot at the Universal backlot in the Italian area The forecast for that day was 80% chance of rain and it sprinkled here and there a few times throughout the day but nothing major. When we finally got the final shot at 3pm it started to rain cats and dogs. It ended up raining for 3 days straight after that.

I hope you enjoy the images and celebrate the upcoming holiday season with some Martini.

2 Responses to Martini & Rossi Advertising

  1. shelley weyand says:

    The ads look great. Its amazing how much work is involved behind the scenes to make an ad stand out. Great work.

    • Anthony Merante says:

      Oh you have NO idea. Those birds were let off every time we had to shoot. We had to wait for them to fly back. There was so many extras on that set. Such a great shoot.

      One of my faces from last year! Glad you enjoyed it!


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