Exhibiting an innate creativity at an early age, Anthony discovered his love for painting and photography, but was intrinsically drawn to the art of make-up. Honing his skills as a beauty artist and armed with the desire to learn, Anthony enrolled into make-up school and has never looked back. In the past 6 years, Anthony has perfected his signature look – the flawless, ‘no-makeup’ visage with creamy illuminating skin. Anthony’s ability to transform his clients into stunning red carpet beauties as on the page of a magazine is a testament to his talent. As his professional career has evolved, so has his client list, which includes some of Hollywood’s best-known celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Rachel Leigh Cook and Joss Stone.

Proving that he belongs to the world of beauty by sustaining his craft in the fast-paced, high pressure, and often demanding environments, Anthony quickly delved into the world of fashion, creating impeccable make-up looks for designer runway shows. As his career progressed, he also began working on major award-winning advertising campaigns, which led to his work with several noted photographers, namely Russell James, Philip Dixon, Giuliano Bekor and Bonnie Holland. Anthony’s international roster includes Benefit Cosmetics, Target, and Martini & Rossi campaigns to name a few. Due to his raw talent and professionalism, clients continue to request Anthony as the key make-up artist on their highly publicized projects.

Anthony’s work has been featured in everything from Marie Claire to GQ to WWD, highlighting his versatility and adaptability. Anthony’s eye for the unexpected, acute attention to detail and magnetic personality has contributed to his continuous success.

To view Anthony Merante’s portfolio, please visit his website at http://www.anthonymerantebeauty.comEmail: AnthonyMerante@me.comPhone: (323) 620-2222

4 Responses to About

  1. Hi Anthony!

    I’ve read a lot of your blog after stumbling onto it to check out your review on Lisa Ashley’s moisturizing mist. I am inspired by your work and your excited but professional approach in your blog. I’m based in Utah and of course it would be a dream come true to do some of the projects you’ve done and I appreciate the fuel for inspiration. I would love to link to your blog and post some of your tips. Thanks again for such lovely artistry and I’ll be reading from here on out.

    Take care and happy 2010!
    Tianne Pierce

    • anthonymerante says:

      Hello Tianne, thank you for such nice comments about my blog. I am actually going to start writing again on my blog starting this week. You can post anything you want as long as you link to my site and blog.
      Thanks for the support!
      Anthony Merante

  2. Anthony,

    Tell me how women can discover a more beautiful glow
    just by applying fragrance-free make-up.

    Yours beautifully,

    • anthonymerante says:

      Hi Mark, I am not sure I understand this question. There is many options for fragrance free and natural makeup these days. Some people are allergic to perfumes in cosmetics which is why there is a market for fragrance free brands. Please let me know if I answered this well enough.


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