12 Days of Christmas Gift #1

December 12, 2014

Having trouble finding that perfect gift for the beauty addict in your life?

Look no further!

Each day I will post a suggested gift that will brighten any beauty lovers day.

My first gift is the Ethereal Radiance Brush Set from Sigma Beauty, I’ve been using this set for the last month and LOVE it! It’s a great starter set for the beginner or a seasoned makeup artist. Sigma sells brushes individually so you can create your own set and they also sell a really cool glove to clean your brushes.



The BEST Brush Cleaner EVER by The London Brush Company!

December 3, 2012


I have used every brush cleaner known to man. Most of which contain harsh chemicals  in them that destroy the natural hair of the brushes so I usually just end up using regular shampoo. That is until I tried The London Brush Company’s Pure Goat Milk Solid Brush Cleaner a few months ago. I picked up a 1oz  container at Nigel Beauty Emporium and was blown away by how clean and soft my brushes were. I am now on my 3rd container. This stuff is that good!

The creator of this wonderful product is accomplished makeup artist Sian Richards of The London Brush Company. These brushes are a staple in my makeup kit and are  hand crafted in Great Britain. Sian has 22 years of experience as a movie makeup artist and you can check out her latest work in the new movie Cloud Atlas starring Halle Berry.

This brush cleaner is a MUST for any professional makeup artist or makeup aficionado. Pick yours up at www.londonbrushcompany.com

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